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Fashion Forecast May 2012


JILL: Welcome to Fashion Forecast with Footloose Shadyside.  May’s special guest is Kate Benz, Fanfare and So Many Questions Columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and an obvious lover of Snakeskin!

KATE: But for those who are less daring and wouldn’t necessarily sport a snakeskin trench, Snakeskin in moderation is seasonless

JILL: Use snakeskin in accessories as a go-to, such as this Carla Mancini camera case or this Sondra Roberts tote.

KATE: Or use colored snakeskin to accent subtle pastels and barely there neutrals. (sr bag, jd pump)

JILL: From high end to cheap-chic the fashion savvy can find this season’s snakeskins sensational!

KATE: Now one of the great events that’s upcoming is the Walk on Walnut which takes place over Marathon weekend from Friday May 4th til Sunday May 6th.  And the great thing about this event is that a portion of the proceeds benefit the Women’s Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh.  Friday night there is a fantabulous open house with promotions and refreshments from all of the shops on Walnut Street.  And of course you can always read about this event and who wore it to what event by reading the weekly Fanfare column which runs every Monday in the Pittsburgh Trib.  Of course I’m online, you can catch it @  HYPERLINK “http://www.triblive.com” www.triblive.com and I’m also on Twitter @KateBenzTrib.

JILL: Thank you Kate for joining us and thanks again for tuning in…check out next month when we talk about another summer trend….WEDDINGS!

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